Advanced Utilities is a mainstream PBX company operating across South Africa. Our core focus is to supply state-of-the-art telephone management systems to companies locally as well as internationally. These systems use the cheaper VOIP lines which allow companies greater flexibility within their office communications network, as well as offering substantial savings through lower call charges and the management of business calls, from monitoring how many calls were made, how many were missed and the cost of calls per staff member. These systems are also fantastic for hotels, as they enable you to generate automatic invoices for guests’ phone calls.

At Advanced Utilities we build systems for the specific needs of a company, right from a small operation up to larger organisations, depending on the client. They might require telephone management systems to manage all their calls, including calls coming in and going out, monitoring and reporting on the costing of calls, additional lines to open communications so that calls are not dropped as a result of customers getting engaged signals. If someone’s found your number in the Yellow Pages and they call you up but get an engaged tone, then what do they do? They call the next company that catches their eye in the directory. Our skill is assisting clients by analysing that part of their business so that they don’t ever have a loss of income due to engaged tones. The solution is invariably to give them additional lines using the substantially more affordable VOIP network that has now been enabled widely across South Africa.

This VOIP network offers very inexpensive setup and call costs, and these lines are there mainly for your company’s outgoing calls as that enables you to save a minimum of 30% on all your outgoing calls – and the fact that VOIP enables you to access per-second billing adds even greater savings on top of that. We’ve found that our clients are benefiting with savings that work out to between 30-40% on outgoing calls. These extra VOIP lines for outgoing calls also leave your main and advertised lines free and available for incoming calls.

Recently Advanced Utilities has added the Advanced Data division to our business. We found that due to the unreliable home-based ADSL in this country that is being used by businesses, there is a huge gap in the market for us to supply dedicated, high speed, wireless data connections to our clients. One of the main advantages of this product, among others, is that there is virtually nothing to steal, therefore eliminating down time due to cable theft issues. We at Advanced Utilities guarantee that a technician will be on site a maximum of two hours after the call is logged should any issues arise.

Along with the ability to port existing land line numbers over to our network, supply a solid voice and data connection that won’t let you down, our exceptional service and guarantees and our world leading range of telephone systems, Advanced Utilities is a force to be reckoned within the voice and data division.